Training Courses

If you like receiving these treatments and would like to help other people, or just want a career change, what about training in Holistic Therapy?

The courses are tailored around our busy lifestyles, being run over weekends, with case studies and question papers to work on in your own time at home.

REIKI There are 3 stages in learning:

Magnet Therapy treatments use very strong disc magnets and an electro-magnet to improve many conditions. You are introduced to kenesiology and accupressure points. It is taught over a weekend with case studies and course work to be completed at home.

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful holistic relaxing therapy. The massage includes movements to the upper back, arms, hands, neck, shoulders, face and ofcourse scalp. The course is recognised by the Institute of Indian Head Massage, giving IHM after name once qualified. It is run over 2 weekends with course work and case studies completed at home