Magnet Therapy

The earth is surrounded by a natural geomagnetic field  which  we rely on for our health and well being. Research shows that over the last 100 years, this magnetic force has declined by 5%.The modern environment in which live; metal structured buildings, cars, trains etc. provides many shields to this natural magnetic force. Magnet therapy can help address this reduction in magnetic force and provide many benefits.

Many clinical trials and published research papers have been recognised in countries all over the world.

Magnet therapy is a unique science in which magnets of  varying strengths and poles are used for preventing and   alleviating illnesses and disease. Magnet therapy is a holistic treatment based on the principle that illness and disease are a result of an imbalance between various electromagnetic forces present inside the body. It seeks to restore the natural balance of these forces by looking at the person as a whole unit and has no known side effects.

Positive results have been with hormonal imbalance, soft tissue damage, bone healing, insomnia, arthritis and lack of energy, to name but a few.

Magnet therapy is very successful when used in conjunction  with other therapies such as accupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology etc.